Iranian Air Force conduct test flight of Yasin trainer jet

The Iranian Air Force has conducted a test-flight of the Yasin jet trainer, a locally-produced aircraft. On October 17, 2019, Iran showed off the jet trainer, referred to as Yasin, at a ceremony at Shahid Noje airbase in the western province Hamedan.

Iranian Air Force Yasin trainer jet

Iranian Air Force Yasin trainer jet

Yasin appears to be a new name for the Kowsar-88, a trainer aircraft unveiled in 2017. The aircraft is remarkably similar to the Taiwanese AIDC AT-3 Jet Trainer.

According to analysts Forecast International, the Iranian Air Force is considering the use of the Yasin jet trainer in the light attack role.

In an interview with Iranian state TV over the weekend, Amir Karim Bani Tarafi, the Chairman of the Iran Aviation Industry Organization, said the Air Force is examining the prospect of using Yasin for close air support missions (CAS). He said:

“At present, the plane only has a training function, but it can be in the future completed and equipped with bombs and missiles and be used as a CAS plane.”

Source: UK Defence Journal ( By Tom Dunlop | 01 November 2019

Ali Gaffari (QATAR, UAE, IRAN XairForces Editor)

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