“Ukrainian flag must fly all over the world”, ? said Oleg Liashko at the meeting with ANTONOV’s team

 “Ukrainian flag must fly all over the world”

“Ukrainian flag must fly all over the world”

On April 2, 2015, Oleg Liashko, the leader of Radical party, People’s deputy, visited ANTONOV Company. Familiarizing with activity of the enterprise, he visited strengthening tests room and assembly shops, where the final assembly of the AN?148/AN?158 is in process and where construction of the first AN?178 transport prototype is finishing. The roll out of the AN?178 is planned for the middle of April 2015.

After that, Oleg Liashko met the work team of the enterprise. Within that meeting he expressed his readiness to thoroughly favour the development of aviation field of Ukraine and, particularly, its leader – ANTONOV. “Every country can be proud of such an enterprise as ANTONOV! The main task of the government is to favour its development, do everything for this basic enterprise that provides development of Kyiv and economy of Ukraine to continue working effectively. Today, in conditions of catastrophic deficiency of working places in Ukraine, ANTONOV provides more 13000 employees with employment, and with all this the enterprise creates new aircraft by its own without financing of the government, annually fills the countries budget with taxes of 600 million hryvnas. Perhaps this enterprise is the only one in Ukraine that, starting from April 1, 2015, when prices on housing services were increased, raises salaries of its employees for 10 %. The authority must provide the enterprise with the state order, the Ukrainian airlines not to operate Embraer, Boeing and Airbus aircraft, but only ANTONOV. It is necessary to give privileges on paying taxes that will positively influence competitiveness of production of domestic aviation industry at the expense of it reduction in price approximately for 30 %. All possibilities of the authority need to be used to conduct international contracts. Aviation industry – is science support, high technologies, future of our country!”, ? Oleg Liashko said.

Source: By ANTONOV Company, April 3, 2015

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