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European Space Agency (ESA) SEOSAT-Ingenio 0

Science SEOSAT-Ingenio’s lost promise for Earth observation

Spain’s satellite, the SEOSAT-Ingenio, was billed as the latest in high resolution land imaging technology. Originally, we presented what it would have done. But its launch vehicle, a Vega rocket called VV17, failed. The...

Boeing GlobalEnvironm 0

Boeing Advances Biofuels, Recycling and Conservation

Boeing beats greenhouse gas reduction goal by 7.3% at work sites.  Global Environment Report showcases improved environmental performance. Boeing [NYSE: BA] today released its 2019 Global Environment Report, highlighting how the company is building...

Boeing HorizonX Ventures 0

Boeing Invests in Commercial UAS Services Provider Robotic Skies

Startup manages maintenance, inspection and alteration services for global manufacturers and operators of commercial unmanned aircraft systems. Access to safe, reliable maintenance will support commercial operations and urban mobility efforts. Boeing [NYSE: BA] today...

The Artist’s rendering of the LRASM. 0

BAE Systems Sensor technology guides next-generation missile to readiness

The successful LRASM sensor program demonstrates BAE Systems’ ability to quickly deliver advanced EW technology to warfighters. BAE Systems worked closely with Lockheed Martin to deliver Long-Range Anti-Ship Missiles (LRASM) to the U.S. Air...

U.S. Air Force  F-35A with F-15 0

U.S. Air Force Plans to Arm Stealth F-35s, F-15s and F-16s with the Ultimate Weapon

Advances in computer power, processing speed and AI are rapidly changing the scope of what platforms are able to perform without needing human intervention. The Air Force and DARPA are now testing new hardware...