First flight for Iran’s Kowsar-88 Yasin

IRAN HAS flown a prototype of the Iran Aviation Industries Organization’s (IAIO’s) Kowsar-88 advanced jet trainer, now renamed the Yasin.

First flight for Iran’s Kowsar-88 Yasin
The Yasin jet trainer, formerly known as the Kowsar-88, during its maiden flight from Hamadan. (Photo by FARS News Agency)

The maiden flight is thought to have taken place on October 15 at the 3rd Tactical Air Base at Hamadan-Nojeh. It was formally unveiled there the following day during a ceremony attended by defence minister Brigadier General Ali Hatami, commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh and vicepresident for science and technology Sorena Sattari. Development of the aircraft by the IAIO’s Aerospace Research Center had been under way for many years and the incomplete prototype was first unveiled in a ceremony on April 15, 2017, at the Iranian Helicopter Support and Renewal Company’s No 1 Plant north of Tehran-Mehrabad International Airport – see Iran’s Kowsar-88 trainer unveiled, July 2017, p24. Although a new design, it makes much use of components stripped from retired IRIAF F-5A/Bs.

The IRIAF reported in 2017that it plans to acquire 50 production Yasins for use as advanced jet trainers.

More recently, the IRIAF has shown interest in using it as a light attack aircraft for close air support missions, although to date there has been no indication that any attempt has been made to weaponise the type. Service entry is tentatively set for 2023, although it remains to be seen whether it even reaches series production.

Source: Dave Allport / AirForces Monthly – December 2019

Ali Gaffari (Middle Eastern XAirForces editor from Qatar, UAE and Iran)

Iranian Aviation ©XAirForces News

First flight for Iran’s Kowsar-88 Yasin

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