Over 800 Russian Mi-17 Helicopters Delivered to Other States in 2006-2016

Russian Mi-171Sh helicopter.

Russian Mi-171Sh helicopter. (Photo by (Photo by © Wikipedia/ Xchgall)

Russian state arms exporter delivered to other states more than 800 Mi-17 helicopters in 2006-2016.

Russia’s state arms exporter Rosoboronexport delivered to other states more than 800 Mi-17 helicopters in 2006-2016, the company said in a statement on Monday, adding that deliveries of the Russia-made model surpassed export of its foreign analogues.

“Russian Mi-17 helicopters maintained leadership in the volume of supplies of the medium multirole and military transport helicopters to the world market in 2006-2016. The volume of their export has exceeded the total number of deliveries of [Mi-17] foreign analogues, and amounted to more than 800 units,” the statement read.

Mi-8/17 military transport helicopters are the most successful models in the history of the Russian helicopter industry, according to the Russian Helicopters holding. They are manufactured in a variety of forms, including cargo, passenger, VIP, search and rescue, flying hospital and firefighting versions. The latest Mi-8/17 helicopter family includes the Mi-17V-5 made at Kazan Helicopters and the Mi-171Sh made at Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant.

Mi-17 helicopters have been delivered to over 100 countries.

Source: Moscow / SPUTNIK By Military & Intelligence News (sputniknews.com) – 26 June 2017

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