IDEF 2017 Message from Davut Y?lmaz, General Manager, STM

Turkish STM General Manager Davut YILMAZ

Turkish STM General Manager Davut YILMAZ

STM: Centre of Excellence for Engineering, Technology and Consulting

As we are all aware, the Turkish defence and aerospace industry has witnessed a rapid development in recent years, performing remarkably well across the world. In this respect, the industry has reached the stage where it can develop products indigenously, gaining an important infrastructure for system integration in the process. We, at Defence Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. (STM), aim to contribute as much as possible to this process of transformation and development, and are developing our skills and corporate structure accordingly.

Established in 1991 to provide consultancy as well as project management and software engineering support on high technology-related areas to the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) and the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), STM has fulfilled its tasks commendably over the past 26 years, bringing many critical technologies to Turkey as part of its activities. In this process, our goal is to offer STM’s advanced know-how and deeply-rooted experience of the defence industry to the service of the public and private sectors, and to transform this experience into a service network by adopting a broader perspective.

In this context, we have redefined our corporate strategy starting from 2015. We have also structured our organisation based on the changing dynamics and technological trends in both our country and region. Our priority target, both in Turkey and abroad, is to provide dual use, innovative products and solutions for both civilian and defence areas.

We are currently operating in three main areas, which are Engineering, Technology and Consultancy.

In the area of engineering, our priority is naval platforms. In this area, we are moving determinedly towards becoming a world brand in underwater and surface military ship/vessel engineering. In the past ten years, and especially in the period that began with the M?LGEM project, STM has focused its knowledge, know-how and experience on becoming one of Turkey’s leading organisations in this area.

In the M?LGEM project, we at STM are, under leadership of the Turkish Naval Forces Command (TNFC), actively taking part in the entire process from the design of the platforms to their construction. In addition to providing services, such as ship design, integration activities (including main propulsion system), and system and material procurement, STM also successfully performs important industrialisation-related activities by assuming critical tasks. The first two corvettes completed under the project, the TCG HEYBEL?ADA and TCG BÜYÜKADA, have been delivered to the TNFC, following their final acceptance procedures. The construction of the third and fourth ship is currently underway.

Another important ongoing project in this area is the construction at the Gölcük Shipyard Command of six submarines, based on the German Type-214 class with an air-independent propulsion system. Under the contract STM signed with the prime contractor, HDW-MFI Partnership, the company has assumed the following responsibilities:

  • Participation in design, engineering and system integration activities,
  • Provision of support for the Gölcük Shipyard Command,
  • Indigenisation of materials, devices and systems and
  • Transfer of certain work to the local industry, and increasing the ratio of domestic contribution in the project.

Another important project conducted by STM in this area is the AY Class (Type-209) Submarine Modernisation Project, in which it is the prime contractor. Under this project; the procurement, installation, integration, testing and acceptance activities of the modernised systems were all carried out by STM. During this process, STM received support from the experienced work force of the Gölcük Shipyard Command.

In addition to indigenous projects, we are also taking part in important naval projects in the international arena. Currently, we have two important projects being conducted with the friendly and brotherly nation of Pakistan. The Pakistan Navy Fleet Tanker project, which represents a first between Pakistan and Turkey in the field of military shipbuilding, as well as the project on the modernisation of the AGOSTA 90B submarines, are important indigenous projects that can serve as models in the fields of defence and shipbuilding. We believe that these projects will lead the way for similar joint defence projects in the near future. In the coming years, our aim is to stand out in this area with our export projects. We see tremendous potential in naval projects, especially in the countries of the Middle East. In this context, we are continuing to hold meetings all across the world, from Asia to South America.

In the area of technology, we develop our skills and concentrate on innovative products by closely following global developments. In this area, we provide services in a wide range of domains, from command & control mission support planning systems to cyber security. Our most important feature in this respect is that we provide original and indigenously-developed software-based solutions. Within the scope of our ongoing studies, we have divided our capabilities in the area of technology into six categories, which are Command, Control and Information Systems; Mission Support and Planning; Cyber ??Security and Big Data; Autonomous Systems; RF and Simulation Systems; and IT Integration Projects.

With regards to Command, Control and Information Systems, we develop command and control systems at both tactical and strategic levels. Together with the support of the Turkish Land Forces, we initially developed a system that can meet modern land operation requirements, thus creating an indigenous solution. Today, the tangible output of this R&D project has become the product known as the ALTAY Main Battle Tank’s Command, Control, Information and Communication System. At a strategic level, we also have developed and delivered NATO’s Strategic and Operative Level Air Command Control and Missile Defence Planning Information System.

Another important skill we possess is related to mission support and planning systems, which we have converted into a product under the registered trademark FocusFlite™. With our digital map-based application that manages the missions pilots will execute with air platforms, while also raising their situational awareness, we are able to meet operational requirements with great effectiveness. Presently, we can say that our software is being used in almost every military air platform in Turkey.

Our third skill category is cyber security and big data. We can confidently state that this is an area where we are in a leading position in Turkey. In today’s world, cyber attacks are among the greatest threats to national security. Cyber threats are increasing in number, while also undergoing constant changes in terms of the methods they employ and detectability. This has rendered effective identification through classical methods almost impossible. For this reason, it is imperative to become aware of attacks before they happen, and to form automatic defence patterns to address them. In other words, there is a need to be proactive, rather than reactive. To this end, STM has opened Turkey’s first Cyber ??Fusion Centre in 2016, which detects and forewarns about cyber attacks before they even take place. These centres are found in only a few countries worldwide, and with the establishment STM’s centre, Turkey has gained an important asset with regards to cyber security.

Big data and data analytics is another key area of operation for STM. In recent times, big data has been one of prominent topics in informatics. This subject is relatively new for Turkey, and in this sense, we have made an early entry into this market. We are conducting ground breaking work for our country in this area. Right now, we are introducing OVERA, a big data and data analytics platform, for which we made significant infrastructure investments, and that only a few large companies around the world currently possess. With its infrastructure that can independently function in different industries such as energy, healthcare, finance, smart city and education, OVERA aims to provide significant solutions to users by providing data analysis in many areas and rendering all types of data more meaningful. OVERA enables the examination of all types of data by using different data science algorithms, as well as all types of data-related analysis. In the near future, we will gain a stronger presence in many areas of big data and data analytics with the STM brand.

Our fourth skill category is that of autonomous systems. Currently, taking into account the future potential of autonomous smart systems, our company has undergone considerable organisational restructuring in this area. We are continuing to work intensively in this area, and our primary goal is to make unmanned systems smart. Presently, under the scope of various projects, we are working to make unmanned systems operate with artificial intelligence and swarm mechanisms. With a team that exclusively focuses on this area, we are planning to develop technologies and systems suitable for both military and civilian use.

In the area of RF and Simulation Systems, our work focuses on developing special hardware-based applications. We have a number of ongoing special studies on simulations and Through-The-Wall Radars. Using the Through-The-Wall Radar system – called DAR – developed by STM, it becomes possible to detect people moving behind a wall and under the cover of darkness.

Our final skill category is IT integration projects, which we offer to industries other than those in defence. In this context, we provide IT-based projects and solutions in certain areas to major private companies, as well as public institutions.

In the area of consultancy, we are successfully continuing the consultancy services we have so far provided to the SSM. Currently, with nearly 200 highly qualified consultants, we provide services to the SSM in many areas, ranging from land systems to missile systems and from naval platforms to UAVs. It is mainly our own personnel who are carrying out quality and testing certification processes in ongoing projects, on behalf of the SSM. In the near future, we would also like to share the consultancy we provide to the SSM with public and private companies as well. In this context, we have started to offer consultancy services in critical areas, such as nuclear energy, which involve advanced technology. We are also holding meetings with other institutions and sectors.

On the other hand, in line with changing needs and circumstances, we will soon start to implement a new consultancy model. In the area of consultancy, our intention is to offer important solutions for the requirements of our country, based on a new approach that is largely assisted by defence decision support systems.

Within the scope of our activities, our main objectives for the coming period include developing our existing capabilities according to changing market requirements, and increasing our export activities by expanding our customer portfolio.

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