Dassault To Deliver 9 Rafales, 45 Falcons In 2017

Egyptian Air Force Rafales

Dassault plans to deliver 45 Falcon and nine Rafale fighter jets in 2017 and expects to increase 2017 net sales given the Rafale export net sales.

Of the nine Rafales, one will be delivered to France and the rest to Egypt, Dassault mentioned as part of the forecast in the financial press statement released Wednesday.

The company also plans to ensure that the SilverCrest engine program keeps on track in accordance with the new schedule, on which the Falcon 5X schedule depends and to define the technological “building blocks” for the future Falcon, and establish the conditions to launch a new Falcon, according to the results of a market survey.

The 2016 order intake for the company was EUR 9,558 million, compared to EUR 9,884 million in 2015. Exports represented 92%.

2016 net sales amounted to EUR 3,586 million, compared to EUR 4,176 million in 2015. Exports represented 83%. 49 FALCON were delivered in 2016, compared to 55 in 2015. This is in line with our forecast of 50 deliveries in 2016. 2016 Falcon net sales amounted to EUR 2,342 million, compared to EUR 2,507 million in 2015. 6 Rafale were delivered to France and 3 RAFALE to Egypt during fiscal year 2016. Defense net sales in 2016 amounted to EUR 1,244 million, compared to EUR 1,669 million in 2015. The higher Defense net sales for 2015 benefited from the delivery of modernization work to bring the Indian Mirage 2000 in line with the I/TI standard, the company stated.

Source:  (defenseworld.net) – March 8, 2017

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