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Polish F-16C Block 52 with AIM-9X-and- CTAM-120C AMRAAM missile 0

Poland To Acquire Bombs, AMRAAM Missiles For Its F-16 Fighters

Poland’s Armament Inspectorate on Saturday has placed a tender to acquire AMRAAM training missiles and 200 guided and 300 unguided bombs for its Lockheed Martin F-16C/D Jastrz?b fighters. Poland aims at buying 32 practice...

Chinese J-31 stealth fighter Lands on zhuhai 0

NSA Claims 50 TB F-35 “Secrets” Stolen by Chinese: Snowden Documents

Chinese hackers stole 50 terabytes of US classified data related to technical details of the F-35 aircraft, classified documents released by US whistle-blower, Edward Snowden have revealed. The claim was promptly denied by the...