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usaf WC-135 Constant Phoenix at RAF Mildenhall 0

TROUBLE IN THE AIR – US Air Force dispatches nuke-sniffer plane into the skies over North Korea on ’emergency’ mission

The WC-135 Constant Phoenix, a special-purpose US military plane, made a surprise sortie over the Sea of Japan. The US has dispatched a specialised “sniffer plane” to detect nuclear particles in the skies over North...

Japan Navy Soryu submarine 0

Japan Allocates $42 Billion Defense Budget To Buy Military Equipment

Japan has approved spending $42 billion defense budget in a major military modernization program to counter Chinese military might in the region, Reuters reported Wednesday. The nation’s new expenditure involves payment for troop-carrying Boeing’s...

Japan made F-3 stealth fighter jet 0

Mitsubishi To Delay Delivery Of Japanese F-3 Stealth Fighter Prototype

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd may delay the delivery of the first test version of a Japan-made F-3 stealth fighter to the Defense Ministry, as the verification of aircraft engines is needed. The delay was...