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US Navy T-45 Goshawks 0

US Navy to Try 10-Year-Old Technology to End Hypoxia Problem on Fighter Jets

The US Navy is trying to solve the suffocation problem on some of its planes that’s tortured US pilots for years with new and improved oxygen generators, originally developed a decade ago. If you...

Chinese J-31 stealth fighter Lands on zhuhai 0

NSA Claims 50 TB F-35 “Secrets” Stolen by Chinese: Snowden Documents

Chinese hackers stole 50 terabytes of US classified data related to technical details of the F-35 aircraft, classified documents released by US whistle-blower, Edward Snowden have revealed. The claim was promptly denied by the...

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Japan Allocates $42 Billion Defense Budget To Buy Military Equipment

Japan has approved spending $42 billion defense budget in a major military modernization program to counter Chinese military might in the region, Reuters reported Wednesday. The nation’s new expenditure involves payment for troop-carrying Boeing’s...