German Parliament Approved a Proposal to Develop a Next Generation Tank

German Parliament approved a proposal to develop a new generation of tanks, program will be included in the medium-term planning of the German Ministry of Defense.

German Leopard 2A7 Next Generation Tank

German Leopard 2A7 Next Generation Tank

The decision comes amid tense of “Ukrainian crisis” situation where the number of Leopard 2A6 tanks 225/7 that the Bundeswehr aims to maintain operational would become suddenly rather inadequate.

The explanatory memorandum of document speaks of great importance that the armored units have German Army, they must be supported in the future by equipping a new generation of tanks, especially since the German military industry would be able to deliver such of product.

Development of the new tank could be the subject of cooperation between France and Germany, followed sometime around March 2030 Leopard becomes operational.

First make sure you check out Resboiu’s website. Interesting stuff. This catches me off guard. The German Army just received its first Leopard 2A7’s and they’re already off and running for a new MBT. Great planning. The partnership with France gives me pause. I’ve seen articles stating that the French are on the verge of giving the go-ahead for an updated LeClerc MBT and even if they give the go ahead to merge industries I don’t see them going for the German practice of a heavy, yet mobile vehicle.

The French emphasize expeditionary type forces too much for a partnership to be practical. Still this bears watching. If nothing else it will give us a clue into Western Europe thinking on the direction of future armored vehicles.

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