Argentine Gendarmeria Aviation receives AW119Ke Koalas

Three Leonardo Helicopters AW119Ke Koalas have been acquired by the Gendarmeria Nacional Argentina (GNA), Argentine National Gendarmerie).

Argentine Gendarmeria Aviation receives AW119Ke Koalas
The three AW119Ke Koalas acquired by the GNA at the Modena Air Service facility on December 5. . (Photo by Modena Air Service)

Although they were handed over on October 26, they underwent some modification work with Modena Air Service at its facility in Don Torcuato, Argentina. Images released by the company on December 5 showed all three still at its facility awaiting delivery and they are believed to have been handed over soon afterwards.

They have taken up GNA serials GN-935, GN-936 and GN-937. These were all second-hand helicopters, formerly being registered as C-FNMU (c/n 14731), N963TC (c/n 14734) and XA-UWY (c/n 14718), in Canada, the US and Mexico, respectively.

Tie-ups between their former identities and new serials are as yet unconfirmed.

Source: By Dave Allport / AirForces Monthly – February 2019

Capitán Sergio Santos (Latin American ©XairForces Editor from Argentina)

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