Turkish Army Aviation UH-1H Iroquois crash

After taking off at 1032hrs for a training flight from its base at Istanbul/Samandira, the helicopter began spinning out of control while attempting to return to base for an emergency landing.

Turkish Army Aviation UH-1H Iroquois crash
Turkish Air Force (TuAF) Bell UH-1H Iroquois. (C/N 69-15571) flying in 05 June 2011 on Izmir. (Photo by ©XAirForces)

At around 1102hrs it struck the top of a four-storey building in Istanbul’s Sancaktepe district.

The Iroquois crashed in an empty yard between two apartment buildings, breaking up on impact.

Four of the military personnel on board were killed while a fifth was seriously injured. There were no reports of injuries on the ground.

D: 2018 Nov 26
N/U: Turkish Land Forces/
4th Army Aviation Regiment/
1st Helicopter Battalion/
1st Company
T: UH-1H Iroquois
S: 11075

Source: AirForces Monthly – January 2019

Volkan Kaya (East European XAirForces editor from Germany and Turkey)

Turkish Air Force and Aviation News

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