China’s new stealth bomber H-20 will allow it to make ‘truly intercontinental’ strikes, report says

A possible prototype image of China's H-20 bomber. (Photo by CCTV screengrab)
A possible prototype image of China’s H-20 bomber. (Photo by CCTV screengrab)

China’s subsonic H-20 stealth bomber will give the country a “truly intercontinental” capacity expanding its reach far beyond the country’s seaboard, according to a report by a leading think tank.

The bomber is still under development but the Pentagon believes that when completed it will be able to target US overseas territories such as Guam, while other analysts believe its range will bring Hawaii with in reach.

The report by the London-based Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies gave an overview of how Russia and China were developing their air forces, including next-generation planes and new weapons.

“Armed with nuclear and conventional stand-off missiles, the H-20 would represent a major break from previous PLAAF (PLA Air Force) doctrine and equipment development practice,” said the report released in late October.

Source: REUTERS, By Kristin Huang and Liu Zhen , South China Morning Post – 30 November 2020

Mert Berk (TAIWAN Spotter and Ocean Aviation News XairForces Editor)

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