Indonesian Su-30 Fighter Jets Intercept Foreign Aircraft over Riau

Indonesian Air Force (TNI AU) Sukhoi Su-30MKI

Indonesian Air Force (TNI AU) Sukhoi Su-30MKI (Photo by ANTARA FOTO – Darwin Fatirnz16)

Two Indonesian Air Force (TNI AU) fighter jets managed to intercept and dispel a foreign Airbus A-320 that illegally entered Indonesian airspace on Wednesday, October 31.

According to TNI AU Spokesman First Marshal Novyan Samyoga said that the air force used two Sukhoi fighter jets to do the job.

“The Airbus A-320 registered as V8-RBT entered the airspace over Riau Islands,” said Samyoga to Tempo on Wednesday evening.

The Air Force’s records suggest that the foreign Airbus’ fuselage was colored white and blue. Up until this report was published, no announcement had been made as to the reason why the Airbus entered Indonesian airspace illegally.

Source: TEMPO.COJakarta – 01 NOVEMBER, 2018

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