Boeing 737-800 Nearly Crashes Into Sea After Skidding off Runway in Turkey

Pegasus flight PC8622 overruns the runway at Trabzon Airport

Turkish Pegasus flight Boeing 737-800 (PC8622) overruns the runway at Trabzon Airport in Turkey All 162 passengers were evacuated with only minor injuries reported. (Photo by @Aviationdailyy / 14 01 2018)

The Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 (TC-CPF) Airplane, carrying more than 160 people, rolled off the runway of the airport of the Turkish city of Trabzon and fell off the cliff last night, the airport has already resumed its work, according to the Anadolu agency.

Photos published in the media show that the plane came to a halt in the middle of the slope, hovering over the Black Sea

The incident occurred during the landing of the Boeing 737-800 operated by Pegasus. All 162 people on board were evacuated and no one was injured during the scare.

Rescue services have taken steps to extinguish possible fires. The cause of the emergency is under investigation.

Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 (TC-CPF) overrun

2018-01-14 Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 (TC-CPF) overrun runway at Trabzon. All pax ok.(Photo by @AnalystTK /14 01 2018)

Several flights in and out of the airport were canceled.

Source:  Agencies -14 January 2018

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