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USAF F-16 Fighting Falcon during Exercise MaxThunder 2014 0

America’s Air Force is too small

The Air Force goes to war with squadrons. Operational squadrons represent the core fighting unit while service support, sustainment and agile combat support squadrons provide support. Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson described...

1980s IRIAF F-4E Phantom II flying high 0

Iran continues to return grounded jets to airworthy status

It is now 39 years since the revolution that removed the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, from his throne. The removal of US support and the imposition of sanctions made it hard for...


Bring back the Harrier Fighter Jet

Britain must be equipped to confront the situation in the Middle East. The British-designed P1127 – the prototype Harrier fighter – first flew on October 21 1960, a date shared with Lord Nelson’s success...