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Final Assembly Begins of First French Air Force A400M

Final Assembly Begins of First French Air Force A400M

Airbus Military has commenced final assembly in Seville, Spain, of the first A400M for the French Air Force.

Airbus Military announced on November 23 that, following the launch of A400M series production last February, the company has begun final assembly of the first A400M that will be delivered to a customer – the French Air Force. The fuselage for this aircraft, construction number 007, arrived at the final assembly line in Seville (Spain) on board an Airbus Beluga on November 22. The wings and nose had arrived earlier, also on a Beluga, on October 26.

Integration of the central box and outer wings has already begun. The horizontal tailplane is expected next week and the vertical fin in two weeks time.

France will receive its first A400M military airlifter around the turn of the year 2012/2013.

Eight series production A400M aircraft are already at different stages of production.

Source: By Dave Allport - 23 November 2011 - Military Aviation News (www.key.aero.com)

Photo: The fuselage of A400M construction number 007, the first for the French Air Force, is unloaded from a Beluga at the production site in Seville, Spain, on November 22. (Photo by Airbus Military)



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