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Air Greenland orders 2 EC225 helicopters for use in all-weather missions

Air Greenland orders 2 EC225 helicopters for use in all-weather missions

Air Greenland has placed its first order for Eurocopter's EC225 medium twin-engine helicopter, acquiring two of these rotary-wing aircraft for duties that are to include all-weather search and rescue (SAR) and all-weather passenger transportation missions.

With the challenging operational environment faced in Greenland, Air Greenland’s decision validates the EC225’s role as a preferred helicopter for use in the most demanding operational conditions.

The EC225 acquisition agreement was signed in the presence of Thomas Hein, Eurocopter’s Vice President Sales and Customer Relations for Central Europe; Michael Binzer, Air Greenland’s CEO; and Jens Wittrup Willumsen, Air Greenland’s Chairman of the Board. They were joined by Air Greenland Vice President and Technical Director Peter Bjerre, along with Florence Cassier, Eurocopter Sales Manager.

“After a long and hard evaluation, Air Greenland decided to purchase Eurocopter’s EC225, and we are confident this is the right helicopter for our operations in the harsh environment in and around Greenland,” Binzer stated. “We are particularly pleased to expand our long relationship with Eurocopter, and are looking forward to introducing the EC225 into our fleet.”

With this acquisition of two EC225s – to be delivered in 2014 – Air Greenland will expand the company’s Eurocopter fleet, which already consists of 10 AS350 B3 and two AS350 B2 Ecureuil family helicopters, thereby further extending its service capabilities for a range of missions in support of growing offshore oil and gas air transport services, as well as search and rescue operations.

“This order marks a milestone in Eurocopter’s long relationship with Air Greenland, and is another endorsement for the EC225’s proven capabilities in the most severe operational conditions,” Eurocopter’s Hein stated. “We are especially proud to accompany Air Greenland in its development, and look forward to contributing to the success of its operations with the EC225.”

The twin-engine EC225, which is a 10-11-metric ton weight category helicopter, offers superior speed, range, payload, optimal safety and reliability. Deployed worldwide for civil and military search and rescue, as well as off-shore and passenger transport missions, it is the latest generation of Eurocopter’s Super Puma/Cougar family, which has logged more than four million flight hours.

The EC225 is perfectly adapted to missions in severe weather, as it is designed to meet the highest safety standard levels and is backed by system redundancy, a highly capable automatic flight control system, and the capability for full deicing – which allows flight in all known icing conditions.

Source: Marignane, September 12, 2011 (www.eurocopter.com)

Photo: Air Greenland orders two EC225 helicopters for use in all-weather missions, including search and rescue



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