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USS Jimmy Carter Spy Submarine 0

Why a U.S. Navy Spy Submarine Is Flying the Jolly Roger

The skull and crossbones flag is traditionally flown to celebrate successful missions – but just what has the USS Jimmy Carter been up to? A U.S. Navy attack submarine capable of carrying out top-secret...

North Korean Army Force 0

Psychopath’: North Korean Critics Blast Trump as Tensions Near Boiling Point

“South Korea must realize that following psychopath [US President Donald] Trump … will only lead to disaster,” a recent article in North Korea’s Rodong Sinmun newspaper warned. There are no good military options on the...

usaf WC-135 Constant Phoenix at RAF Mildenhall 0

TROUBLE IN THE AIR – US Air Force dispatches nuke-sniffer plane into the skies over North Korea on ’emergency’ mission

The WC-135 Constant Phoenix, a special-purpose US military plane, made a surprise sortie over the Sea of Japan. The US has dispatched a specialised “sniffer plane” to detect nuclear particles in the skies over North...