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Chinese J-16 Fighters Enter China’s Air Fleet 01-12 2018 0

New J-16 Fighters Enter China’s Air Fleet

China’s J-16 fighter jets are quietly being introduced to the People’s Liberation Army Air Force at a faster rate than the country’s new fifth-generation J-20, though the latter has garnered much more international attention....

US Air Force F-22 Raptor operate (06 01 2018) 0

Russia Now Has ‘Treasure Trove’ of Info About Stealthy F-22s – US General

The Syrian conflict has given Russia the ability to learn more about how US stealth aircraft such as the F-22 Raptor operate, a US Air Force general told an audience at an Air Force...

US Navy T-45 Goshawks 0

US Navy to Try 10-Year-Old Technology to End Hypoxia Problem on Fighter Jets

The US Navy is trying to solve the suffocation problem on some of its planes that’s tortured US pilots for years with new and improved oxygen generators, originally developed a decade ago. If you...