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A modified alien planet might exhibit unique electromagnetic signals, 0

Are Aliens Plentiful, But We’re Just Missing Them?

A little over 80 years ago, humanity first began broadcasting radio and television signals with enough power that they should leave Earth’s atmosphere and progress deep into interstellar space. If someone living in a...

NASA TESS Telescope 0

NASA’s TESS Telescope Should Spot Many ‘Star Wars’-Like ‘Tatooines’

NASA’s next extrasolar planet-hunting mission should detect dozens of circumbinary, Tatooine-like systems, in which a real-life planet circles two stars instead of one, say astronomers. TESS (the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) — due for...

Chinese second prototype of the C-919 Passenger Jet 0

Into the Blue Skies: Chinese C919 Passenger Jet Prototype Makes Successful Test Flight (VIDEO)

China has moved a step closer to its ambitious multi-trillion dollar plan to penetrate the global passenger jet market. The second prototype of the C919 plane took off from Shanghai’s Pudong International airport marking a successful...